Another gif!

Because we all deserve something nice today!

It moves!

I can make animated gif illustrations now! 


PRD Season Schedule 2016!

I think this is the fastest I have cranked out a finished piece. I really struggled to come up with a concept this year, but in the end I was like, goddess of derby thunder???? Okay!!!

Moar speedpaint!


WIP for a thing. I'm tired and my eyes hurt.

Speedpaint, part one of a collab project.

Butterfly Kick

Breaking down the stuff you want to learn can help. But whether it helps with the actual movement or just capturing a gesture... debatable.


Let go of my life, Dragon Age.

Test Covers!

I had the opportunity to create some test covers for Marvel a little while ago, and I'm only just now posting them because... I dunno, I'm sorta shy about them, I guess. I'm still waiting on feedback for the last two, so I'm expecting to make a couple more passes before they're finished for real. Ms. Marvel is on draft two. Almost there, maybe?

Open Drawing!

It is good exercise for your artbrain.

Practice, forever

More RISD Museum sketches, classical dudes and a nip slip.


Was in an art rut, so I finally used my free membership to the museum. This was fun, but my back sure felt those two hours or so. :/

Slow progress, fast cars

WIP, still... Leaving the characters for last because they are the easiest and most fun part. I am seriously like 90 percent done with the Gigahorse... It started off crummy, but towards the end it was pretty fun!