Birkenhead Boys, Sketchdump

This is just a series of little ink drawings for a short story I've been knocking around about kids who experience racial tension on a soccer team.
These next ones are mostly from a drink and draw session. (We like to call them DaDS.) Also, I regret that I didn't label it on the page, but "shit-faced potentate" was an epithet Andy used to describe a former employer. I thought it was funny so I wrote it down.

The thing about DaDS is that they start out earnestly enough, but by the end though you are more prolific, your skill level deteriorates until you have nothing but vulgar scribbles. This was one of the better pages, which has contributions from Keith, Colin, Angela and Aidan. I feel I have to point out Keith's car in the bottom left. I was impressed that he could draw it so well without reference, and under the influence, to boot.
The deer are mine.