New Year's Art Dump

2014 is here! Whee! Last year (or was it the year before?) my resolution was to moisturize regularly. For such an easily attainable goal, I failed pretty spectacularly. So maybe this year, I'll aim a little higher, just to make the failures seem less pathetic! So here are my more lofty goals for this year:

1. Create a series of analog pieces (non-digital!) and actually try to get a show. Every now and then I've had a piece or two in a group show, but I think maybe now I should try to be a grown up, buckle down, and have a solo show. 

2. Fight! I want to do a few grappling tournaments this year, a smoker fight, and maybe, eventually, a full MMA fight. Competition excites me, and I want to venture outside the relative safety of my gym and have my fledgling skills tested! 

3. Master advanced footwork for derby! I want to nail my backwards hockey stops, 360s, and conquer the power slide on both sides. And since I'm coaching again this year, I plan to take everyone with me on this particular goal, whether they want it or not!

Audra and I also made a short list of goals we'd accomplish together!

1. Stop slacking and plan our wedding.

2. No ER trips or hospital stays.

Like I said, it's a short list!

Here's a couple of Providence Monthly quickies: